It’s been about the eyes lately !


I have focused a lot of my drawings on eyes lately. Trying to make it realistic is hard, but i am getting there! I have improved, trust me !


Remembering graduation day


That big day had arrived, the day I have been waiting for 4 years. It’s the day I graduate! My family, my partner and I drove to the stadium of light at 12 in the afternoon. Nice clear skies for the day ahead. I was welcomed by my class mate, James Douglass. He was all dressed up smart. Suit and Tie, beard tamed with a warm, charming smile. I could see the happiness in his face, happiness that spread to mine. I have been with James for three years and I am so lucky to graduate with him and my other class mates.
Me and James were separated from our families so we can collect our gowns, get photos taken etc. there wasn’t that many people there when I think back at it now, must of been extremely busy the few hours after I collected my gown. Photos were taken which we weren’t allowed to see, another day I dreaded, receiving the photos. when I see the photos now, I could of toned down the size of my smile so I wasn’t all teeth but the photo was fine. We all looked good ! Looked like I’m graduating for hogwarts!

After the mad rush of gowns and photos, we were able to see our families for another 1000 photos to be taken. All our class members and families etc, came together to take even more photos and go have a well deserved drink. It was needed !
Soon after, a much muffled speaker told us to all take our seats for the ceremony. My dad is practically in tears telling me how proud he was and wouldn’t break away from me. Mum and Ruth were all happy for me whilst scooping out the nicest dresses with one eye on them and the other on the camera taking photos of me. After all that, I was able to look for my seat and take a moment to take it all in.

I said it before I heard everyone else say it. It was the first thing I thought of when I was looking for my seat. I was looking higher and higher up the block and with each step saying “OMG”. Then I found it… finally! “OMG, OMG, I’m going to fall down these stairs when I go for the scroll!” The words almost every student was saying around me. Eventually, I was reunited with my class and other people from other art subjects in my seating block. Everyone was so happy; the smiles on their faces said it all. My smile was like theirs; full of happiness and with overwhelming feeling of nerves.

To the right of me, I was sat next to a wonderful woman that has looked after me and my other class mates. No.. She’s looked after every person she’s ever met at the glass centre. She’s an all around lovely woman that will help you with anything and will always be your friend. Surprises you with little gifts, I still have the beautiful scarf she gave me. And surprise you with the funny outburst she did. I actually miss hearing her laugh the most. She would be on one side of the building and you’ll be able to hear. You hear her laugh before you see her. She was sat next to me, happy yes but she had a lot of worry in her face. She was to do a speach in front of everyone. Everyone in the stadium! I can understand why she was worried. She was going over what she was to say and timing herself and asked me to time her. She’s an excellent speaker and when she went down to the stand. She spoke beautifully.

To the left of me, I was sat next to a girl that I knew I probably won’t see ever again. A shame, as she is a fantastic person but soon after that day, she was to start her journey back to Russia, where she lives. Next to her was James, the happiest I’ve ever seen him and the three other girls along from him, from what I heard were dreading them stairs much more than I did but I can a smile breaking out of their faces.

Not a month ago, the pressure was on! University was tense as it was all deadlines after deadlines. It seemed never ending but we did it. The pressure took its toll more on some others. Trying to complete our assignments, projects, then preparing for the exhibition, have the work to display for the exhibition. There was a lot to take in. Some people got louder, some started to become quieter, there were even a few arguments out of stress but despite the small little arguments and some chances. We all treated each other like a big family and looked after one another.

It was a fantastic day. I was with people I loved and spent a lot time with but I knew that after that day, we weren’t all going to be together again. Everyone lives in different places, 1 from Russia, Ireland and that, some live in the north east and some on the opposite side of England. I do talk to them when I can but I still miss them. I’ve spent three years and more for some others. It’s a huge change not seeing them anymore. Although I don’t get to speak as much as it should and want to. As long as they know they I still love them all and miss them then it’s all okay.

A little something for me.


So Time is up! I have come to an end of my creative writing course that lasted ten weeks and finished last night. I have meet some fantastic people on this course that have wild imaginations, fantastic ideas and have written some brilliant pieces of work. I am lucky to of had a class with such lovely welcoming people, and I can only hope that I will be able to progress onto an advanced writing course and will join my former class mates.

The reason why I joined this course was because when I was at university, I struggled so much with writing my dissertation and only had the full attention from my dad to help me. I know my grammar still isn’t the best at all but I know it’s ten times better than what it was at university! I didn’t get the best of marks for my dissertation and felt a little disappointed in myself that I should of done better, But what’s done is done and I knew I needed a lot more help than what sunderland university offered me. I needed a class such as this to help me get pen onto paper and allow me to write and express myself properly. I had an amazing tutor that helped me where it needed to. Gave me feedback of where the little mistakes were, told me what he liked and enjoyed reading and it really helped me. I actually understand where I went wrong where as before, when I did a mistake it was just corrected and no explanation to it. From what I have learnt, it’s encouraged me to write more, about anything I wanted. What’s on my mind, good news, bed news etc. I feel a lot more confident now, again I know there’s still a way to go but I really do feel like I can write and people will listen and understand me.

I haven’t really shown any one what I have written, i really haven’t had the time from working and other courses. Just getting the time to blog. I do feel confident now to show people what I have written. I have written about my every day life,friends, university and the small lovely things I used to do when I was younger with my family. The times and memories that I treasure. So in this blog, I will be showing my work that I have made but also pieces of work that I have written. Enjoy!

Mums bowls



to this is for my mum ! I made two of these bowls quite similar.

I made these for Mother’s Day and they now get used as fruit bowls for in the kitchen.

These bowls have a white glaze inside and out side. They both have a little mark of where i place a small bit of blue glaze on the rim on the bowl. Them both melted nicely. I love it because it is different.

the idea of the small bit of glass. I was inspired by Robert winters ceramic pieces. Although he doesn’t use glass as a colour but a glaze. I like how some of the red and blue glazes drip down the piece and that encouraged me to try the glass.

Message me for glaze recipe 🙂

a bit of drawing !


This is a drawing taken out of my pro-folio from this years degree. Going with the flowww with these tear drop shapes. would love to go bigger doing this ! might just have to do that !
I think it would look lovely as a book cover :]] for a sketchbook or something :]

and then brown bits are tea stains. when wild on the tea staining on the other sheets and splashed onto this sheet :]